Monday, March 28, 2011

Collectible Minfigures Series 4 - cheat sheet / bump codes

Series 4 (orange) is already in Toys'R'Us, Fred Meyer & Kroger stores in the US, selling for US$2.99, if you know people in the USA. They are yet to be distributed to the US Target stores.
Meanwhile several guides to the bumps on the bottom edge are out. You can google 'LEGO "Series 4"' with 'bump' or 'cheat' and check a few out. I will verify them when I have my own bags to open & check against. This list is developed by

Early versions of the sheets are usually less than perfect, and most people find the dot sheets hard to work with in the stores. I will verify them ASAP and post better charts as they come up. Click here for link for a bigger version to print off: (bumpcodes-series4.png)