Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trump Tower by Sean Kenny

65,000-piece Lego Trump Tower will blow The Donald's hair away

3 metres tall, 65,000-pieces, about month of building with 3 helpers, and NO GLUE! 

That's the stats on this creation by Sean Kenny. Increbible as the structure is, if you look closely you can see that he even included reflections of the clouds and sky on he 
mirror surface of the the glass wall windows. Amazing!
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LEGO minifigs explain the debt crisis in the European Money Union


  1. The toreador in a floppy hat, and the F1 driver with his helmet, represent Spain, Italy and the rest of the Euro Periphery.
  2. The three men with helmets, shields, and medieval weaponry represent the CDU, CSU and FDP parties in Germany.
  3. The blue-and-white sailor boy is Finland. Obvs.
  4. The woman with an oversized carrot and her friend in overalls with a shovel represent theSocial Democrats and Greens.
  5. Wotan represents the Bundesbank.
  6. The piggy bank is the IMF.
  7. The grey-haired Banque chap is the ECB.
  8. The chap in the red bib is Poland.
  9. The artists are France.
  10. The angry chef, the sweeper with a broom, the airline pilot, and the rest of the motley crew at bottom left, represent EU taxpayers in Core countries.
  11. The storm troopers are the EU Commission and Euro Group Finance Ministers, chaired by Jose Manuel Barroso and Jean- Claude Juncker.
  12. The monocled banker and his assistant are EU bondholders and shareholders.

Full credit here is given to “Peter 
Cembalest, who specializes in conceptualization of such phenomena”; I assume that Peter (age 9) helped out too with the Icelandic bonus extra, for people who make it to page three.
But Iceland sadly didn’t make the cut as one of the “12 players in the EMU Debt Crisis most likely to affect policy from here”.
Cembalest does at one point feel the need to explain what he’s doing here:
If today’s diorama analysis borders on the absurd, so does maintaining the fiction that accumulation of massive public and private sector claims in Europe can somehow be engineered away.
Still, I like the idea of sitting all the key European players in a room with a box of lego and telling them to work things out that way. The results couldn’t really be more farcical than those of the EU bank stress tests.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

LEGO Pioneer X LEGO DJ Deck

Jesse Dean Design brings more proof that the future will be made from Lego with this fully functioning Pioneer CDJ-2000 rig. Built as part of the Pioneer DJ Art Mix Tour, see this block rocker do its thing at the links below. 

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Batcave diorama from Alex Schranz (Orion Pax)

An impressive Batman diorama,  "using around 9,000 LEGO bricks and some terrific ambient lighting to wondrous effect, creating a multi-level Batcave that’s built right into the cave walls. There’s a spot for the Batmobile, an armory, a huge computer/surveillance system, a vault for both Batman and Robin’s suits, winding stairs and catwalks, and even sewer access! If you look closely, you can also see plenty of bats hanging upside down."

More photos at his Flickr photostream at this link: (lightbox)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

LEGO DC Universe SUPER HEROES from 2012

BILLUND, Denmark – July 20, 2011 – Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) with DC Entertainment (DCE) and The LEGO Group announced today the extension of their successful partnership to translate some of the world’s most popular DC Comics Super Heroes into the world of LEGO® build-and-play adventures with LEGO DC Universe SUPER HEROES.
The multi-year licensing agreement grants the world leader in high quality construction toys access to the entire library of DC Comics characters and stories to inspire LEGO building fun. Construction sets, minifigures and buildable characters and creatures inspired by the universe of DC Comics are slated to launch in January 2012.

The new LEGO DC Universe SUPER HEROES collection will feature 13 iconic super heroes in LEGO minifigure form, including: Batman™, Robin™, Catwoman™, The Joker, The Riddler™, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn™, Bane, Bruce Wayne, Superman™, Lex Luthor™ and Wonder Woman™.
Buildable characters will include Batman, The Joker and Green Lantern. Select figures will be on display in the LEGO booth (#2829) at Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center July 21-24.


There is already an official web site for this new project - link:
You can upload your own stop action superhero movies, and enter a great competition



To enter, you can make a stop-motion or live action video, take a photo, or even draw a picture of a DC Universe character using your LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures and/or other LEGO Minifigures in Super Hero style.


Upload your creation here for chance to win! Entries will be judged every month through December 2011. All entries will be judged on originality (50%) and creativity (50%). Please allow a maximum four weeks for us to review your submission before it is posted online.

Grand Prize: A trip for 4 to Warner Bros. Studios, WB Animation, and LEGOLand® California Park and the complete 2012 LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe collection. One grand prize to be awarded in December 2011.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

LEGO PriceWatch - 50% off 8078 Portal of Atlantis

LEGO® AtlantisCatch of the Day again!
This time it is the Atlantis set number 8078
"Portal of Atlantis"
for AU $79.99 + shipping ($8.95 across all Australia) 
Link: catchoftheday Portal of Atlantis
Only 4 hours 40 minutes left for this deal, (as I type this at 7:20 am Monday morning (EST - Melb AU time)!
Compare that with LEGO Shop at Home, which has it for $159.99 (AUD) plus shipping ref:  Their figure usually is the same as most shop prices, eg Recommended Retail Price.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LEGO Tron:Legacy - Recognizer by Tronlegocy

This is an awesome creation, brilliantly presented.
The model consists of 4087 bricks and took about 48 hours to design.
It is rendered in a 3540 frame long animation where tronlegocy shows off the mechanical design of his creation.

So many excellent LEGO Tron:Legacy creations at his Flickr photostream at 
You MUST check the animation on YouTube: YouTube - Tronlegocy's TRON:Legacy LEGO animation
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